Diana Sabater

Bringing Authentic Flavors to Your Kitchen!


Known as the Cop-turned-Chef, Diana pursued her dreams of becoming a chef after ten years in the Philadelphia Police Department. She appeared on Food Network’s Chopped and won three times, becoming the Ultimate Grand Chopped Champion.  Diana has cooked for Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Loren Ridinger. She started out working as a Private Chef in New York City.  Then, quickly moved from Garde Manger to Executive Sous Chef and into an Executive Chef position bringing a creative culinary twist to the kitchen as well as cost effective menu ideas.   She later realized her real passion in studying spices and herb and decided to start a line of spice products that resemble her style of seasoning.   Diana also writes about the latest trends in food, restaurants and events. Catch her new blog "Get the Scoop" and stay updated on your culinary news.  Diana enjoys gardening and volunteers at the 5th Street Community Garden run by Esperanza, a faith based non-profit organization which seeks to strengthen the Hispanic community through education, economic development and advocacy.

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